Review: Keep in Touch

By: Travis Newman

Keep in Touch, directed by Sam Kretchmar, follows the story of Colin Glennon, who is trying to restart his life after a series of unfortunate events. The movie shows us Colin’s attempt to restart his life with his new job at his cousin’s tree nursery, his attempt to start a new relationship, and flashbacks into Colin’s past to inform the audience how he got to this position.

The music in this film does an amazing job of assisting the story’s mood. A majority of the music heard in this film is performed by Colin’s new love interest, Jessie Parcel. Her songs assist the current mood in which they are played and their lyrics subtly hint towards the current state of the story. While music wasn’t incredibly common throughout, the times it was present really hit the mark.

This film’s strong points were its realistic characters and storyline, the music, and the pacing. The story starts out slower. It’s at this point where the story is trying to present itself to the audience and introduce characters. The story begins to speed up as we’re shown Colin’s past and how he is dealing with the present. The ending is what truly sold this movie for me. Without giving anything away all I can say is that I thought the movie ended perfectly.

Rating: 5/5