The Vampire Diaries: Top 5 Moments of Season 7 Premiere

Warning! Contains spoilers

TVD fans are in for an interesting ride.

     By Desiree Williams

5. Diaries Finally Return
     Don’t let the title of the show deceive you; Diaries haven’t been in the show since season 1. Now, they’re making a comeback. As Elena said goodbye last season, she told her two best friends, Bonnie and Caroline, to write down everything that happens in their lives. That way, Elena can read it when she wakes up in who knows how many years. It’s a great way to pay homage to Elena, but still continue the storyline.

4. Town in Ruin
     Producer and writer Julie Plec perfectly relates this premiere with the finale of last season. The finale featured a time jump, showing Mystic Falls in complete ruin. The audience was so confused and they wanted answers right away. Plec delivered. She flawlessly combines a new plotline with flashbacks to show how the town got this way. The premiere pulls you in right away and sets up a mysterious storyline for the season.

3. Dalaric Bromance
     Damon and Alaric finally have a little down time to be the dramatic, hilarious best friends that we all know and love. Last season, they were both so caught up in their own drama with Elena and Jo that they rarely had scenes together. Even though they are both in misery now, it’s nice to see Damon and Alaric be there for each other… or at least enjoy a drink together, which is their specialty.

2. Steroline Kiss
     It’s been a long time coming and fans finally got what they’ve been craving! Stefan and Caroline kissed, and it was everything viewers could’ve wanted. After Stefan confessed his love last season and Caroline left him alone, fans could only hope that Caroline would change her mind. However, she had just lost her mother and needed time to grieve. So, Stefan graciously backed away to the friendzone, awaiting his moment. During the premiere, Caroline realizes that she won’t ever get over her mother’s death, so she needs to start enjoying her life. With that, she walks right up to Stefan and dreams come true.

1. Three-second Speech
     Damon (and every fan in the world) just wants Elena back, but that isn’t going to happen as long as Bonnie is alive. The worst part is, there’s nothing she can do to help. So Damon can’t blame Bonnie, which means he has to protect her, even if he doesn’t want to at times. After rescuing her from an oncoming truck, Bonnie freaks out because she felt like Damon waited a few seconds too long to save her. Damon replies with what Twitter, and Plec herself, deemed the “3-second” speech. Damon claims that he did wait to save her, because he thought about Elena in his arms during the first second and kissing her during the next. But in the third second, he saved Bonnie because she is his best friend, and he could never let anything happen to her.

If the premiere is any indication of the rest of the season, TVD fans are in for an interesting ride.