Review: David Gilmour’s Rattle That Lock

By: Louie Wieseman

David Gilmour is a GOD of progressive rock. After all, he was one of the members of Pink Floyd when their popularity took off in the late 1960s. Now it has been almost 50 years since he joined Pink Floyd and he is still riding high on the fame (and possibly something else). Revently, he has to do a solo album for 2015.

Rattle That Lock was released on September 18th, 2015 with a full house of musicians backing him up on the project. With Gilmour included, over 30 musicians worked on this album, and it definitely shows! There is a deep layering of so many instruments on each track, but they doesn’t take over what the main focus of each song should be.

Some tracks take me back to the newest Pink Floyd album that was released in 2014 called The Endless River. The spacey feeling that was present in that album, and the first track “5AM” served as a nice intro in this album. “Beauty” later on in the album gave me the same feeling.

The title track and first single ”Rattle The Lock” was just as heavily influenced by 80s new wave music like The Police. It serves as a very good track to get the music kicked off on the album. Then came “Faces of Stone” with a different feel and genre compared to “Rattle The Lock.” “Faces of Stone” has a country rock feel with the emphasis being on more of the rock side of this track.

Immediately the album is giving off a ‘lets make this a nice variety of tracks and genres for the listeners. There is new wave, country rock, space prog, and towards the end of the album ”The Girl In The Yellow Dress”, a jazz piece. That one blind-sided me when listening through for the first time! It was a nice piece to hear since it was so different, even if the piece was a simple arrangement. Gilmour’s voice may not be cut out for full time jazz singing yet…

Another theme in the songs, would be The Wall outtakes, or songs that sound like they could be on The Wall. (In case you’re not familiar with it, The Wall was Pink Floyd’s 1979 smash hit album that has been made into a full length movie, and was played live on tour by past member of Floyd; Roger Waters.) Some songs have a more melodic piece that I could see being put into the sadder parts of The Wall (“A Boat Lies Waiting,” “In Any Tongue”). However, I am not complaining about them at all. I still think they are good tracks. Gilmour’s Pink Floyd experience certainly shows on this album.

To put it simply, Rattle That Lock is a good album. Is it a great album like other Gilmour-related work? I can’t say yes because of a few reasons: 1) Some of his work is just phenomenal and can barely be compared to anything else. 2) He may be in this curse that other bands have. They have been known for some of their greater works that everything they do nowadays almost pales in comparison. It’s an unfair assumption to make, but one that does harm artists’ works.

Rating: 3.5/5