Netflix Recommendation of the Week: Nightcrawler

By: Lydia Lucas

Netflix houses an immense library of films, which can be overwhelming. You can scroll for twenty minutes and not find anything that catches your interest. Well, look no further, because I have a film for you.

Nightcrawler, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, should be on the top of your must watch list. Nothing beats a good crime thriller, and this film takes the genre to an unconventional level. Did I mention Jake Gyllenhaal? Although his character in Nightcrawler isn’t a handsome hero, his performance is still worth the two hours of your time.

The anti-hero phenomena recently took over television and cinema with shows like Breaking Bad and Dexter, featuring main characters that aren’t the traditionally moral protagonists. With his sociopathic tendencies and lack of ethics, Lou Bloom makes for a great anti-hero to fill the void left by Walter White and Dexter Morgan.

A quick synopsis that is at least more informative than the Netflix version: Lou Bloom, bored of his life of thievery, decides to find a new career path. He stumbles into the world of the nightcrawlers. These night-roaming freelancers speed around crime-ridden LA, filming accidents, fires, and even murders to sell to the highest bidding news station.  The life draws Lou in, so he buys a cheap camera and runs headfirst into the dark side of news production. He soon realizes he will do whatever it takes to get the story.