Nashville Recap: Season 4, Episodes 1-2

Juliette is the spectacle and flashiness that every viewer craves.
By Desiree Williams

     With the fall weather upon us, we get to enjoy pumpkin spice lattes, big sweatshirts, and finally, new television shows. Within the last two weeks, fresh shows, like Quantico, and new seasons of old shows, like Grey’s Anatomy, have premiered. Along with Grey’s Anatomy, ABC also renewed Nashville for its 4th season, which premiered on September 23rd.

     After last season’s cliffhanger, all viewers wanted to see in the premiere was Deacon (Charles Esten) waking up after his liver transplant. And of course, they wanted to see Deacon and Rayna (Connie Britton) finally be together without anything standing in their way. The writers granted wishes… sort of. Deacon does wake up. He and Rayna plan to get married. However, Deacon’s sister, Beverly, remains in a coma after donating her liver to save Deacon. Teasers for next week’s episode show Deacon and Scarlett deciding on whether or not to continue life support for Beverly.

     Viewers also wanted to see Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) come home. She left her husband and newborn during the season finale to go on tour instead of confronting her postpartum depression. Juliette always puts her career first, but it looked like things were going to change after she married Avery and had her little girl, Cadence. However, Juliette doesn’t come home; Avery (Jonathan Jackson) does. He returns to Nashville, hoping to bring Juliette back. In the second episode, Juliette finally talks to Avery, giving the viewers a peek at her softer side. She shows him that she wants to keep their family together.

nashville-season-4-tv-series-poster-wallpapers-800x500     Usually, each episode of Nashville has two parts: reality and drama. Deacon and Rayna’s story is the reality. Viewers have watched their relationship through all the love and the struggles, like a real romance. The acting and writing tell that love story so well by that viewers are entranced. Their story is the core of the show, and viewers want to stay involved.

     Juliette is the other part of the show, the drama. Viewers won’t stay if everything is just like real life; they need a little fantasy. Juliette is the spectacle and flashiness that every viewer craves. Her scenes show the audience what it’s like to be a county music star. It’s fun to be transported there and escape reality for a moment. Yet, Juliette’s story can mimic real life sometimes, like this season where she struggles with postpartum depression. Hayden Panettiere appeared on Live With Kelly & Michael last week. Panettiere touched on the issue of postpartum depression and explained that she herself experienced it after having her baby last year.

     These different sides of the show are what I find fascinating. The constant shift from stark reality and emotion to pure fun and drama keeps the audience engaged, and you never know for sure what will happen next.

Having said that, this is where I think the rest of the season will go:

  • Rayna will sign Marcus Keen, which will negatively affect Layla and her music career.
  • Unfortunately, Deacon and Scarlett will disconnect Beverly’s life support. This will put a dent in Rayna and Deacon’s marital plans.
  • Rayna’s daughters will have to confront their father in jail. That relationships will falter, causing a rift in the entire family dynamic.
  • Since Juliette left again and took with her the last chance to solve things with Avery, he will move on now. But I think Juliet will come back wanting him at the end of the season.

To see how it all unfolds, watch Nashville every Wednesday on ABC at 10pm.