Scream Queens: Week 1 Recap

By: Austin Keller

After months of anticipation, hype, and excitement, Fox’s new show Scream Queens has finally made its debut. Scream Queens is a comedy-horror mash-up, hoping to bring spice to the typical primetime lineup. The show flexes it strengths in its brilliant cast, featuring Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Keke Palmer, Lea Michelle, Nasim Pedrad, Nick Jonas, Abigail Breslin, Ariana Grande, and Nicey Nash.

Scream Queens concoction is best described as Glee meets American Horror Story. The show provides genuine thrills while delivering brash one-liners and outrageous moments only Ryan Murphy could create. The comedic moments at times do seemed force, but the show truly shines in the morbid death scenes. For example, Grande’s character, Chanel #2, does a text exchange with her murderer, before getting stabbed – in which she runs to her laptop to tweet the incident, thus being stabbed again and taking her last breath to make sure she sent her tweet.

The first hour alone features a shocking amount of corpses (5), but it provides the basis for the show. Chanel #1 (played by Robert’s) is your average bitchy sorority leader who “accidentally” murders the house maid by frying her face off. Casual, right? Naturally, the sorority girls try to hide the body in the freezer. They later discover the corpse was taken, and then two of their own girls are murdered by the Red Devil, the campus serial killer. The show compares closely to Heathers, with which it shares the morbid humor. The humor does not slow down as we roll into hour two. Scream Queens relies almost too much on its one-liners, but it works.

In hour two, the show establishes more of the mystery of the show, and less of the morbid deaths (We only say goodbye to Chantel.) Who is the Red Devil? Who is the mysterious baby born in the house 20 years ago? Since it’s only episode two, the show answers minimal questions, but characters Grace and Pete do get very close to finding answers before Red Devil knocks Pete out and leaves the ominous note warning them to mind their own business, and later writing (in blood) “Sluts will Die.” Nash’s character, Denise, steals the show with her brilliant, and hilarious performance. However, the biggest surprise is that Boone (Nick Jonas) actually works with Red Devil, and his slit throat was phony.

Scream Queens is not a show vying for any Emmy nominations, but the mix of comedy and horror works surprisingly well. Scream Queens was a wild ride start to finish, and it’s a solid shake up from the typical primetime shows. I’m excited for the weeks to come, as this will be a must-watch show.