The Flash Season 2: What to Expect

By: Brett Berryhill

The premiere season of CW’s The Flash took off running, pun intended. From the explosive pilot to the cliffhanger finale, the first season was a fantastic experience out of the gate. However, for Season 2, showrunners Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg need to up the ante to keep viewers on their toes and ensure a third season. So what can viewers expect from The Flash going into its sophomore season?

More Heroes:

In the first season, The Flash introduced us to the titular hero (Grant Gustin), along with Firestorm (Robbie Amell and Victor Garber). Throughout the season, these heroes teamed up and crossed over with characters from CW’s other hit, Arrow. Since Arrow’s “Team Arrow” dynamic is a central staple in its newest season, a crossover event would bring more of Starling City’s heroes to Central City than ever before. Additionally, an appearance by the newly introduced Mister Terrific (Echo Kellum) on Arrow to give his character more depth would not be the least bit surprising.

Furthermore, with the premiere of the CW’s latest show, Legends of Tomorrow, the characters from that series will need an introduction before its Spring premiere, in order to catch up on what they have been doing with Brandon Routh’s The Atom.

With confirmation that more characters from the comics will be making an appearance, it’s clear that the showrunners have no intention of slowing down. With other speedsters from other universes like Jay Garrick, or future speedsters like Wally West appearing, it will create an interesting dynamic for Barry Allen to deal with after his last encounter with a speedster (Dr. Harrison Wells aka The Reverse Flash), which was less than ideal. Having confirmed that the Atom Smasher will appear in the first episode of the second season as a villain, the writers are taking different approaches to origin stories and the comic’s villains.

Bigger Villains:

Berlanti and Kreisberg have already teased the appearance of comic book favorites Double Down, Mirror Master, and Doctor Alchemy, but that doesn’t mean that’s all we will get from The Flash’s Rogue Gallery. Wentworth Miller is confirmed to be reprising his role of Leonard Snart/Captain Cold. Atom Smasher will be the premiere episode’s villain, and with all of the previously captured villains now escaped and free in Central City, any of them could show up at any time.

More importantly, the “big bad” of The Flash’s return season is one of his most well known villains from the source material, Zoom. Zoom was described as, “faster than The Flash, and faster than Reverse-Flash,” when he was revealed at the DC Entertainment panel at San Diego Comic Con. “He’s going to be terrifying and scary and fast, and its gonna be really cool,” says Andrew Kreisberg about the fan-favorite. The most interesting aspect of the main villain for Season 2 is that beyond his inclusion this season, nothing about him has been revealed, except that Tony Todd is voicing him. It should be noted that Tony Todd will not physically be on the show, so it will be interesting to see who is playing him.

Greater Twists:

Literally anyone could be Zoom. Right from the beginning of the first season, everyone knew who the Reverse Flash was, but this will be a completely different approach for the show. Additionally, with the exploration of different universes, there is no telling what kind of adventures Barry will experience. There could be one where his mother was never killed, or where he was never struck by the lightening that gave him his powers.

What viewers should expect is seeing alternate versions of their favorite characters. Caitlin Snow’s future has already been teased as the villainous Killer Frost. However, that could be her future in another universe. Whatever happens this season on The Flash, it looks like it’s going to top its record-setting premiere season, and continue to be the CW’s number one show.
Season 2  of The Flash premieres on October 6th.