Top 5 Movies to See Before Summer

        By Kit Caldwell

Summer is quickly approaching, but don’t worry! You still have time to get to the movie theater and check out a few good films before the summer film season.

5. Hot Pursuit — May 8, 2015

Hot pursuit is an action/comedy film starring Reese Witherspoon and Sofía Vergara. Witherspoon plays an incompetent police officer that has been given orders to escort Vergara’s character to Dallas, Texas, so she can testify against the head of a drug cartel. When things don’t go as planned, Witherspoon makes it her duty to protect Vergara from criminals and corrupted police officers. It should be interesting to see Witherspoon – as such a talented actress –take on this comedic role.
4. Tomorrowland — May 22, 2015

This Disney film will be enjoyed by all ages. Casey Newton, a troubled teen portrayed by Britt Robertson, crosses paths with a man by the name of Frank Walker, played by George Clooney, as she searches for answers in a mysterious and futuristic world.

3. Avengers: Age of Ultron — May 1, 2015

It’s finally here! So listen up, all you Marvel fans, your favorite heroes are back and ready to save the world one villain at a time. This long awaited sequel will take the box office by storm. When Tony Stark tries to keep peace by creating Ultron, things go awry. The Avengers to unite once again in an attempt to defeat the newly-produced, rogue villain. Will they succeed? This epic film will have you on the edge of your seat, making it a must-see film.

2.The Water Diviner — April 24, 2015

This film demonstrates the love of a father for his sons. Russell Crowe both directs and stars in the film as the father. Crowe journeys to Turkey in search of the bodies of his three missing sons, who died during the Battle of Gallipoli. When he arrives in Gallipoli, he discovers a surprising fact concerning one of his sons. Not only does this film seem like a real tearjerker, but it also takes the viewer on an exciting journey.
1. Testament of Youth — June 5, 2015

Originally released in 2014, this British film will come to US theaters on June 5. Based on a touching true story and autobiography by Vera Brittain about love and war, this film showcases one woman’s life and struggles. You’ll definitely need to be prepared with a box of tissues going into the theater.