‘The Scene Between’ Review


        By Louie Wieseman        I had heard only one Go! Team song titled ‘Get It Together’ on the LittleBigPlanet soundtrack. As a big fan of the game and song, I decided to give their newest album The Scene Betweena try.

        The first song ‘What D’You Say?’ has an upbeat and poppy feel. Though without the generic pop song sound, it still had a distinctive indie feel to it. Thankfully, the entire album successfully possesses that vibe. It varies from poppy indie music to experimental sounds, like tracks “The Scene Between” and “Catch Me Up On the Rebound.”
        One prominent aspect of this album is the thick layering on the instrumental backgrounds. Guitars are blended and mixed together smoothly and elegantly, similar to the sound of other artists I love, like Modest Mouse and Interpol. This is sign of great producing on their part and songs like “Blowtorch” and “Did You Know?” are just a few that stand out with this technique.
        However this album did have a few ‘filler’ songs. There were a few forty to fifty second sections of speech or generic noise. I get this idea, but it didn’t work for the album. Also some tracks, like “Rolodex of the Season” had such an indie instrumental it hurt and I could not enjoy it. It was too typical and it didn’t stray far enough from this like the rest of the album.
        Overall, it is a pretty decent album. It’s not exactly within my music range, I would recommend  this album to someone who liked indie music. It’s good fun, but I wish it would have more variation.



Overall, The Scene Between is a pretty decent album.


  • Layered sounds that blend
  • Production is great
  • Warm feeling


  • Song sound the same
  • Album fillers