‘It Follows’ Review


        By Andrew Haas        I typically don’t watch horror films, as they are often cliché. Upon hearing positive press about the indie horror film It Follows,though, I went to see for myself how it compared to other films of the genre. I can say that it was definitely worth the price of admission.

        The story focuses on a young woman named Jay, played byMaika Monroe. After a sexual encounter with her crush, a supernatural force starts following her. Jay seems to have only two options: pass it on to someone else or keep running before this force catches up to her.

I could tell this wasn’t going to be the run-of-the-mill scary movie. Its usage of characters and concepts is clever. The film does a great job conveying the chilling and unique idea of being stalked by an unknown being that can look like anyone. It’s nerve-wracking every time a stranger walks from behind, avoiding the cliché jump scares and letting the idea of the unknown speak for itself.        The solid acting made this film work as Maika Monroe did an excellent job, conveying her character’s sense of dread and tension. The score to this film, made by Disasterpeace, also played a big part in the film’s tone. It has an 80s synth sound to it that harkens back to films like Halloween or The Thing and it adds to the eery atmosphere.

Granted, the film could have benefitted from more explanation of the supernatural force, rather than only what it does and how one gets it. While the film has a haunting atmosphere, I wasn’t as scared as I had hoped. The climax did make me fear for the characters, but it didn’t leave me terrified.

Anything else I could say about this film would spoil the experience. It Follows is one of the most well put together films in the horror genre with an original concept, good acting, and suspense throughout. While not the scariest film in recent years, it is still a good time nonetheless. Anyone who is a fan of horror movies should definitely check this out.



It Follows is a well-made horror movie with a chilling concept.


  • The concept
  • Sense of dread and suspense
  • Performances, especially from the main lead
  • The score


  • Some aspects could have been explained more
  • Not that many “scares”