Frog Baby Film Festival Recap

By Cassandra Eiler

Friday night’s Frog Baby Film Festival experienced great success from the charisma, excitement, organization, and celebration of twenty-four creatively and artistically-made student films. Viewers and filmmakers alike seemed to enthusiastically embrace the red carpet theme, making Pruis lobby the place to be — complete with a green screen photo op along with live, red carpet coverage. The Ball State organizations responsible for the success of such an event, including Cardinal Filmworks and the Reel Deal, went above and beyond to create a spectacular evening.

        Props to the hosts, as well, for maintaining a positive stage presence and keeping the entertainment flowing. With that being said, the most appreciated and well-received transitions between the shorts and music videos seemed to be the sincere statements said about the emotional and moving effects of film.        For the most part, everything throughout the festival ran smoothly. That is, except the minor bump after the third or fourth film when some technical issue occurred, begging the comical question: “How many panicked TCOM students does it take to master Pruis Hall’s system?” as a good number ran from the auditorium to help out backstage. No worries, though, the show got back on the road in no time!

In case you missed the festival, here is a list of the winners:

Best Actress: Morgen Zimmer – Beyond The Shelf

Best Actor: Austin Mason – Absolution

Best Director: Anthony M. Campagna – Lucid

Best Screenplay: Beyond The Shelf – Bobby Bennett

Best Sound Design: Game Of War – Felicia Keen

Best Visual Effects: Lucid – Anthony M. Campagna

Best Editing: Game Of War – Alex Raaen

Best Production Design: Whole – Nick Rieth, Patrick Rieth

Best Original Score: Whole – Joshua Kattner

Best Cinematography: Whole – Bobby Bennett

Best Action: Game Of War – Dawn Schoonover, Karina Collins

Best Alternative: Lucid – Anthony M. Campagna

Best Comedy: Speech Meet: A Comedy – Samantha Courter, Rachel Hopkins, & Team

Best Nonfiction: Protect Your Environment – Atilla Akyuz

Best Drama: Henry The Invisible Man – Anthony M. Campagna

Best Music Video: Sirens by The Gray Havens – Bobby Bennett

Best Of Festival: Lucid – Anthony M. Campagna

Congratulations to all the winners and to all the films and music videos in the festival!