SoundCloud Treasures Week 1: House

By Patrick Doss

        Isn’t everything better when it is free? I especially feel this way when it comes to music. Therefore, starting this week, I am writing a series of articles that highlight some of the beast treasures SoundCloud has to offer. Each week will focus on a different genre of music, so you can start building a library of amazing, and truly unique tracks. As you may have guessed, the genre being highlighted this week is house music.

The first free track I am highlighting is by none other, than California based producer Kennedy Jones. Jones has made his mark on the electronic dance music community through his great trap remixes, but this is his first venture into the house genre. “Dip” is a truly original sounding track, and even more proof that Jones is a versatile producer. His performance at the Egyptian Room in Indianapolis on February 19th was one to remember.
If you haven’t heard Mark Ronson’s and Bruno Mar’s “Uptown Funk” yet, I suggest that you stop living underneath a rock. This house remix of the “Uptown Funk” by Norwegian producing duo Broiler, maintains the funkiness of the track, while adding an even more danceable beat to the already great song.

N2N is a little known producer from New York City with only 2,600 followers on SoundCloud. However, as the music industry has witnessed in the past, just because someone isn’t incredibly well known doesn’t mean that their music is any worse. N2N’s “Tropical” remix of Milky Chance’s “Stolen Dance” features an added house beat, as well as wonderful saxophone play. This is definitely a great sounding track, and the fact that it is free only sweetens the deal.