After the Oscars

By Kit Caldwell
The 87th Academy Awards were a few weeks ago, and there is still much to discuss. But most importantly did anyone notice the number of politically fueled acceptance speeches? Speeches included comments about immigration, suicide, Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, and democracy. One concern in particular has drawn a lot of attention. Issues about sexism and women’s rights were brought up during and before the red carpet.
        Patricia Arquette, winner of best supporting actress for her performance in Boyhood, used her acceptance speech to address the issues surrounding women’s rights and equal wages. She began by thanking all the individuals who contributed to her win and inspired her throughout her life. She concluded by passionately expressing her views on women’s rights: “To every women who gave birth to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation. We have fought for everybody else’s equal rights, its our time to have wage equality once and for all, and equal rights for women in the United States of America.” This powerful statement received cheers from the crowd. Meryl Streep was literally on the edge of her seat cheering on Patricia, along with actress Jennifer Lopez.
        Reese Witherspoon has also spoken up about the sexist questions women are asked on the red carpet. Before the award ceremony had begun she posted a picture on Instagram and hashtagged it #AskHerMore. Reese Witherspoon expressed how annoyed she is by journalists who ask her ‘who she is wearing’, saying that there are deeper, more thought provoking questions to be asked.
        Shonda Rhimes is also involved in this movement. She tweeted before the ceremony, “Stop asking women questions about what they wear to cover the containers they carry their brains around in. #AskHerMore.”
There seems to be a phenomenon taking place among these passionate actresses and they are encouraging ALL women to speak up for equality. The comment made by Patricia Arquette was without a doubt an inspiring and brilliant way to conclude her acceptance speech. The Oscars were a platform for many to speak their minds about controversial issues, but these individuals may have said just enough to really get people talking.