‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Soundtrack Review

By Jeff Rhodes

Fifty Shades of Grey hit the box office this past Friday. To some, it is just a raunchier and pointless version of Twilight. To others it is a g romantic story which shows us that love truly does conquer all. The good news is that whether you are a fan of the book series or not, the soundtrack is something that listeners can enjoy. The soundtrack is filled with sexy original songs, covers, and remixes that can resonate with the movie, yet be truly original in their own ways.

  1. “I Put a Spell on You”- Annie Lennox

Last time Annie Lennox was on a soundtrack she took home the Academy Award for “Best Original Song”. (“Into the West” from Lord of the Rings: Return of the King). Although that probably won’t be the case, she still delivers an amazing song that sets the tone for the album and conveys themes from the movie. Taken from her 2014 album Nostalgia, Lennox’s rendition of “I Put a Spell on You” will leave listeners in trance.

2.   “Undiscovered”- Laura Welsh

UK pop singer, Laura Welsh, brings her own certain style to the soundtrack with “Undiscovered”. More upbeat, this song doesn’t match well with the movie’s themes, but its a decent song to listen to.

3.    “Earned It”- The Weeknd

When I first heard that they were making Fifty Shades of Grey into a movie, the artist I knew that had to be on the soundtrack was The Weeknd. This song is one of his more “G” rated songs, which was a little disappointing given that the movie is Fifty Shades of Grey and known for its “X” rated tendencies. Nonetheless, this song is one of the best on the soundtrack.

       4.    “Meet Me in the Middle”- Jessie Ware

Another song features UK pop singer, Jessie Ware. Ware was a colleague of E. L. James (author of Fifty Shades of Grey) when they worked for a British TV production company. “Meet Me in the Middle” is a smooth blues song that has the same tempo as its previous track “Earned It”. The song has a great vibe to it that meshes well with the film.

5.    “Love Me Like You Do”- Ellie Goulding

It seems like any big franchise movie soundtrack has Ellie Goulding on it. She has been on the soundtracks of Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn Part 2, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and Divergent. Ellie Goulding is one of the bigger names on the soundtrack, and she doesn’t disappoint. “Love Me Like You Do” could be the theme song for the movie. It gets all the emotion and message of the film into a four minute song. With its upbeat pop sound, it makes a perfect song for Fifty Shades of Grey fans.

       6.      “Haunted”- Beyonce

I can see why the producers behind the soundtrack wanted this son, yet another song that captures the feel of the movie. Unlike Ellie Goulding’s song, “Haunted” focuses on the sexual aspect of the movie.

7.     “Salted Wound”-Sia

This track, although well put together, did not need to be on this soundtrack. It’s hard to understand what she is saying in certain parts of the song, so you don’t get a lot out of it. Songs on a soundtrack should reflect themes or certain situations from the film, “Salted Wound” is just a Sia song and feels out of place.

9.     “I’m On Fire”- AWOLNATION

Originally sung by Bruce Springsteen, the AWOLNATION version of “I’m On Fire” is slow and steady. It’s stripped down so you can focus more on the lyrics on the vocals

10.    “Crazy In Love”- Beyonce

If you have seen the teaser trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey, then you heard a bit of this version of “Crazy in Love”. The beat and arrangement of the song is totally different from the original, turning it from the pop/R&B song that we have all come to know and love, to a dramatic, slightly creepy, and jazzy sounding song.

            11.    “Witchcraft”- Frank Sinatra

Before The Weeknd, or anyone else that girls nowadays swoon over, there was Frank Sinatra the original swooning crooner himself. The song “Witchcraft” was remastered for the soundtrack, giving it a continuity of the sensual theme. It is a wonderful song to listen to.

12.     “One Last Night”- Vaults   

There is nothing really special with this song. It has a typical dancey sound to it that makes it bearable to listen to. It adds nothing to the soundtrack and if this were taken off, I wouldn’t notice.

13.     “Where You Belong”- The Weeknd

Yet another Weeknd song to save the soundtrack. Just like the rest of his songs, its slow tempo “sets the mood.” It’s an excellent sexy song that delivers. I still hoped it would of been a little dirtier given that it is on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack, but it is still excellent.

14.     “I Know You”- Skylar Grey

Skylar Grey’s “I Know You” could also work as the theme of the movie. It is a slow love ballad that reveals the more emotional side of the film. This song has more emotion than the film itself. It represents the relationship between the two main characters, discusses their struggle, and their passion for each other. It is easily one of the best songs on the album and it gives a sentimental conclusion to the soundtrack.



Whether you are a fan of the book series or not, the soundtrack is something that listeners can enjoy.


  • Soundtrack Structure Flows Well
  • The Weeknd
  • Captured the Film’s Emotion


  • “Salted Wounds” by Sia
  • Could Have Been Raunchier Given the Subject Matter