‘Cinderella’ vs. ‘Pitch Perfect 2’

By: Cassandra Eiler

More official trailers for both Pitch Perfect 2 and Cinderella have recently been released. After viewing the first set of trailers for each movie, I’d say the films are neck-and-neck in terms of anticipation and potential success. But with the release of this set of trailers, the competition will certainly heat up, fairy godmothers will get called upon, and pitch slaps will fly. The question is, will the Bellas outshine Cinderella, or will the classic Disney princess come out on top?

     Granted, the two films fall under slightly different genres – Cinderella being more of a romantic drama and Pitch Perfect 2 being a comedy. Because they are both following in the footsteps of previously popular films, though, their potential success is comparable.

The Pitch Perfect 2 trailer gives further insight into the conflict that Anna Kendrick and the Bellas have to face: their suspension and replacement by the European champions. Their goal is to win the World Championships in order to have their suspension lifted. My issue with this plot set-up is the amount of holes I’m seeing from the trailer. What competition are the Bellas suspended from? If the Europeans are replacing them in the World Championships, then how are the Bellas allowed to compete for the chance to win?

Trailers definitely need to prompt certain questions to spike curiosity, but these questions leave me confused rather than interested. For me, these holes are mainly just taking away from the comedy and upbeat fun that made Pitch Perfect so popular. The first Pitch Perfect 2 trailer still contained this tone, but I’m afraid this one drifted too far away from that.

 Cinderella, starring Lily James, delves into the storyline and the characters, prompting the kinds of questions that leave viewers excited about the answers rather than confused about the general plot. This trailer builds anticipation and expresses the motives of characters along with insight into their emotions and personalities.

In addition, the vibrant colors and intense music create an enchanted world reminiscent of the fairytale with which we all grew up. Cinderella presents her proper innocence and kindness, but with the added necessity of sacrifice and the lengths that she’d go to in order to protect the ones she loves. The stakes are higher in this live-action version as we see hints of a secret deal between the infamous evil stepmother and the king, forcing Cinderella and the prince to go above and beyond for true love.

Comparing the two trailers, I’d say Cinderella and her pumpkin carriage is pulling ahead thanks to the enhanced drama and characterization. Don’t get me wrong, Pitch Perfect 2 still has the potential to be a successful comedy, but after the popularity of the first film, I hope the plot doesn’t fall flat.

Cinderella will be in theaters March 13, 2015. Pitch Perfect 2 will be released May 15, 2015.