‘The Voices’ Trailer Review

By Cassandra Eiler

Ryan Reynolds has depicted a variety of characters during his acting career, but his latest role seems to be a disastrous combination of a few of them. The Voices carries reminders of Reynolds in romantic comedies, such as The Proposal and Just Friends, mixed with his role as the violent mercenary Deadpool in X-Men Origins. These two personalities don’t click.

      Reynolds plays a seemingly sweet factory worker, trying to make his way in the world of work and dating. He also consults with a psychiatrist regularly and is supposed to be taking medication because, unfortunately, he hears voices. This is where the peculiar comedy of the movie arises. Regrettably, the joke completely misses its mark.

These voices stem from Reynolds’ frequent conversations with his evil pets that tell him to commit the heinous crime of murdering his dates. After he places the women’s decapitated heads in his freezer, they also contribute to the discussions.

This quirky personality combination has potential for success, but the trailer portrays this character as sloppy and clueless. It seems that the role aims for some kind of innocent charm, but the superficial humor of talking animals promoting violent killings falls short. The attempt at making a comedy about a mentally ill man taking advice from his pets may have a good premise, but could be ill-received in theaters.

Anna Kendrick also has a role in the film as Reynolds’ current love interest. The trailer shows bits and pieces of their budding relationship but doesn’t hint at her possible demise, although will almost surely have a place in the movie. After Kendrick’s starring role in Into the Woods, it’s a shame to see her portraying such a ditzy character.

Overall, the trailer gives a preview into a film dominated by two talented actors with a potentially interesting storyline. The offbeat tone of comedy versus crime could make for an intriguing dynamic, but these two aspects seem unbalanced, which could hinder the movie’s success.

The Voices release date is February 6, 2015.