Daredevil Dropping into Netflix

By: Daley Wilhelm

Netflix recently released a trailer for Marvel’s Daredevil, a show that will explore the gritty side of the superhero as detailed in the comic series by Frank Miller, The Man Without Fear. All thirteen episodes will be on Netflix, and only Netflix, on April 10th.

     This show will be a world apart from the 2003 movie by the same name, in which Ben Affleck played the leading role of the blind lawyer, Matt Murdock, and alter ego vigilante hero, Daredevil. The first season of the Netflix show will be the origin story, showing how Murdock, played this time by Charlie Cox, goes from serving justice in a courtroom by day to dishing out justice in the streets of Hell’s Kitchen by night.

Although the show will exist within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where the Avengers and other superheroes run amok, Daredevil will be a much darker, bloodier take on fighting crime. Murdock is an entirely human character, no technical genius, super serum, or gamma radiation to help him out in fighting baddies. He also takes justice into his own hands with questionable morals, righting wrongs that couldn’t be corrected in court.

Daredevil gets his daring from extensive martial arts training, something shown off gratuitously in the trailer. Because of the monetary power of Disney, which owns Marvel, it has been speculated that there will be no holds barred when it comes to the stunt department. Daredevil gets around his city with incredible parkour skills and echolocation. Murdock, being blind, adapted to his environment by continuously making noise with his cane. When he’s moonlighting as the vigilante hero, he uses a pair of sticks to map out his surroundings with sound, as well as crack some skulls.

So long as the series is successful, the initial thirteen episodes will not be the last. The first season sets up the larger world of Daredevil which is filled with mystery, mafia mayhem, and murder. Not to mention that there’s another unscrupulous vigilante of the night in the Daredevil universe just waiting to be revealed: Electra.

You can watch the dark-lit, blood-splattered trailer here: