Chris Pratt, Lord of the Raptors: New ‘Jurassic World’ Trailer

By: Daley Wilhelm

During the Super Bowl, viewers learned a few new facts about the upcoming Jurassic Park reboot, Jurassic World. In previous trailers, audiences were shown a high tech and crowded Jurassic World, the theme park that the earlier movies could never achieve. It’s a vacation destination for all ages and seems to be secure, but the new trailer shows what a nightmare the place can become.

     As with the original films, science goes too far. The genetic engineers at the park think that the terrifying T-Rex isn’t enough, and built a better beast. This new dinosaur, a genetically modified hybrid known as Indominus Rex, is dangerously smart and downright murderous, killing for sport. It’s up to Owen (Chris Pratt) to stop the monster, with a little help from his own dinosaurs.

The new trailer revealed Owen to be the raptor trainer at the park and therefore comfortable enough with the raptors to get up close and personal. This explains the scene from previous trailers in which he’s riding through underbrush on a motorcycle, flanked by raptors: He’s not being chased; he’s leading them.

Jurassic World releases June 12.