5 Reasons I Loved ‘Interstellar’

By Eli Ralston

After its release, Christopher Nolan‘s latest film received mainly positive reviews. Though I am a fan of many of Nolan’s films, from Inception to the Dark Knight, Interstellar struck a different chord with me. I love films that make me think and need to see more than once to understand. So, here are my top 5 reasons for loving Interstellar.

5. The visuals

     Using all CGI has to offer, Christopher Nolan managed to create an outer space that is drop dead gorgeous. Nolan proves again his genius using practical effects. Space feels like another character in the film as we see our crew traverse by Saturn, wormholes, unknown planets, and even a black hole. It’s a film that demands to be seen on the big screen, just like Alfonso Curaon’s Gravity.

4. The use of passing time

     Without spoiling too much, there are many nods to the theory of relativity as the astronauts go into space and deal with various speeds of time. However, this unravels towards the end of the film, resulting in a clunky final act. There is one scene in particular that truly shocked me when seeing how much the time difference affects our heroes.

3. A bleak but hopeful world

     At the beginning of the film, earth is in a desperate situation losing crops and many people are fighting to survive. The film uses a very bleak and gray color tone at the beginning, emphasizing a society that struggles for basic needs. Even though earth is in such a desperate situation, the  characters’ constant hope keeps the film from becoming depressing.

2. The performances were genuine

     As for the film’s performances, nearly everyone was on their game. Anne Hathaway gives a decent performance as the logic-driven scientist who makes a few mistakes along the way. Matthew McConaughey also delivers. All be it not the greatest performances of his career, he still drives the film. But the gold star goes to Jessica Chastain, who gives it her all as the abandoned daughter. She proved her acting abilities in Zero Dark Thirty, but she could pick up a nomination for best supporting actress with this role.

1. It is a film that doesn’t spoon feed its themes to you

     Some of my favorite films of all time are films that don’t spoon feed their themes and ideas to the audience. I want my film to make me think and possibly draw a conclusion for myself. Interstellar does a ‘stellar’ (excuse the wonderful pun) job at keeping the viewer informed, as well as continually asking questions. It is really going to take me a few views to truly get everything that is going on in Interstellar. It is a film reminiscent of Nolan’s other film, Inception, and it does a marvelous job of keeping the viewer entertained throughout its nearly 3 hour run time.