‘The Lego Movie’ Review

By Eli Ralston

When I first saw the trailer for The Lego Movie, I will admit I was a bit cynical. I was sure that it was going to be a boring, lazy, hour-and-a-half long commercial for Lego products or another run-of-the-mill animated kids’ film. I could not have been more wrong.

   The Lego Movie is positively teeming with life and energy. It is bizarre, colorful, frequently hilarious, optimistic, and perhaps most surprisingly, genuinely touching. The Lego Movie is about what it means to be a child, which gives it a much wider audience: everyone.

The film follows Emmet (Chris Pratt) who is a humble and average construction worker who always follows the rules. He’s not special and never has been. The plot picks up when Emmet is sucked into a thrilling journey and learns not only about himself, but the whole world around him. He is joined by Wildstyle (Elizabeth Banks) who is a Master Builder, one of several special Legos who have the ability to build anything around them.

There are some familiar characters throughout the film including Batman, SuperMan, Gandalf, Green Lantern, and more. There are also plenty of original characters including Metal Beard- a gigantic mechanical man topped off with the head of a weary sea dog.

It is a true testament to the film’s artistic integrity that the well-known characters are never its focus. Batman is the only licensed character with substantial screen time, but even his role is only a supporting one. The new characters are the most lovable throughout the film.

     The voice acting in the film is top notch with great performances from Will Arnet, Elizabeth Banks, Morgan Freeman, and Will Ferrell as Lord Business. There are also some funny cameos from Harrison Ford and Jonah Hill as well. Even with these big names and characters, Chris Pratt’s Emmett, the average but humble construction worker, steals the show and your heart.

This film is not only genuinely touching, but it is humorous as well. I laughed out loud at least a dozen times. It also helps that it has an incredibly catchy song, “Everything is Awesome”. Do I smell an Oscar for Best Original Song?

The animation is one of the most charming parts of the film, as well. The computer graphics perfectly imitate stop-frame animation, bringing this world of little plastic people to life. Even with their somewhat restricted body movements, the mini-figures express life and character. This gives the film a style of its own and gives the action a distinctive almost handmade look.

Because of the film’s consistent frivolity and humor, I wasn’t expecting its emotional punch at the end. The ending scenes made me realize that the film’s message is a much stronger one than the value of toys. The film taught us that everyone has the chance to be special. The Lego Movie is a heartwarming, funny, charming and overall fantastic film for both children and adults.  



The Lego Movie is a heartwarming, funny, charming and an overall fantastic film that teaches you that everyone is special.


  • Charming Animation
  • Unexpectedly Heartwarming
  • Fantastic Voice Acting
  • Full of Laughs


  • A bit too long