‘Cake’ Trailer Review

By Cassandra Eiler

From nothing more than the movie trailer for Cake, Golden Globe and SAG nominee Jennifer Aniston reveals new depth to her acting talent. She jumps from years of playing America’s beloved romantic comedy star to this role as a woman suffering from immense chronic pain. The trailer alone bares a type of character not yet seen from Aniston in her highly successful career – a risk that will surely reap great benefits.

    Credit is due to Patrick Tobin, the screenwriter of Cake, for creating such an admirably complex role and story. Without this intricate and elaborate plot, the actors and viewers couldn’t have delved into a state of emotion this deep. Director Daniel Barnz also guides Aniston as she captures this heartbreaking character.
As mentioned, Aniston portrays a woman desperate to survive after the suicide of a loved one. This struggle causes her to fall into a vortex of pain, both physically and mentally. Aniston’s ability to convey this level of vulnerability is captivating.

The trailer contains a subtle but consistent theme of pain and grief, but out of the abyss brief moments of surprising, dark humor glimmer through and bring the story to life. They allow a glimpse into Aniston’s character before she underwent this tragedy. They draw the audience in and show her as an individual fighting a desperate battle, but her dark, quirky comedy proves that she’s not a lost cause.

Playing the deceased loved one in the film, Anna Kendrick carries a powerful role. Her spirit – seeming to be Aniston’s memory of her – visits Aniston and talks her through her most desperate hours. Kendrick’s character brings a peace that contrasts and balances Aniston’s somewhat zany personality.

Even with this level of explanation, the trailer leaves the potential for a number of possible outcomes, twists, and turns throughout the film. The unanswered questions that pop up in this glimpse beg the audience to get to the theater and see the film. The release date is January 23, 2015, showing in select theaters. See the trailer below.