The Solo JoBro

By: Jeffery Rhodes
     As singers grow and mature, so does their music. We’ve seen it in Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber and now joining them in their music evolution is Nick Jonas. The youngest Jonas Brother has come a long way from singing about traveling to the year 3000. Now he’s singing about jealousy, sex, and other adult themes that resonates with pop music today. So I’m guessing he changed his mind about the whole purity ring thing.
     When most people think of Nick Jonas, they also think of his brothers Kevin and Joe, The Jonas Brothers. From 2007-2010, every teenage girl was obsessed with this band of brothers and their pop rock sound. Even back then Nick showed potential of a promising solo career since he wrote most of the songs and clearly had the best voice out of the three. He was a triple threat, he was a songwriter, singer, and could play multiple instruments. After the bands fourth album, they had a quiet period. Kevin went off and fell in love, Joe tried his hand in a solo career, and Nick was very active in his musical chops. Nick created a side band called Nick Jonas & The Administration. They had one album called Who Am I. With his side band, he had a different sound. It was more of an older R&B sound, something like Stevie Wonder and Lionel Richie. In 2013, The Jonas Brothers announced a world tour, but shortly after that the band split up. The oldest brother Kevin was caught saying “ we feel like its time for the Jonas Brothers to come to an end.”
  Its been about a year since they the band broke up and Nick has a new self titled album, Nick Jonas, with a whole new sound. Overshadowed by Taylor Swift’s 1989 and her transition from country to pop, not enough people know about Nick’s transition from being in a band that sang pop/rock to being solo R&B/pop artist. Just since his album has been released critics have been comparing him to acts like Miguel, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, and even Justin Timberlake. What makes Nick Jonas a good album is that it has variety. Nick Jonas has range that can set him apart from the rest. His first single of the album, “Chains,” was produced by Jason Evigan. Jason has worked with close friend of Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, on her albums and also produced the song “Talk Dirty” by Jason Derulo. Jason Evigan gives the track its upbeat flair that makes it fun to listen to  There is a track on the deluxe edition call “Santa Barbara” which has more of a Bon Iver tone to it. The falsetto he delivers in that song is nothing less than beautiful. To be a big player in the music industry you have to be versatile, which Nick Jonas shows he can be.  On the album he has Demi Lovato, Angel Haze, and Mike Posner (Mike is only on the deluxe version of the album), all of whom bring something different to the song that they are on. If you still have doubts about Nick Jonas success in his solo career look up the remix of “Jealous” featuring Tinashe. If the song didn’t come from Nick Jonas it would be a hit on all the R&B and hip hop radio stations. The two voices compliment each other very well and the fact that he uses explicit lyrics tells me, as a listener, that he is maturing as an artist.
Nick Jonas has real potential to become a mega star. He has the looks, the talent, and the drive to become a successful solo artist. His new style of music is what I hoped Justin Bieber would put out instead of that less than fulfilling Journals album. I wish Nick all the best on his new solo path, his future looks very bright in the music industry.

His album Nick Jonas is available now.