‘Money Sucks, Friends Rule’ Review

By Patrick Doss
1. “All That”
Although there are many people who disagree with the following statement, I am going to say it anyway, Twista is one of the greatest rappers who has ever lived. I am a huge fan of his classic tracks “Overnight Celebrity” and “Slow Jamz”, and this collaboration with Dillon Francis and The Rejectz is no different. “All That” definitely sets the stage for the much anticipated album, with Twista’s fast verses, The Rejectz catchy refrain, and of course Francis’ spectacular accompanying beats.
2. “Get Low”
Having already secured airtime on many radio stations across the United States and beyond, this collaboration between Francis and DJ Snake was the first single of the album, as it was released in February of 2014. The laid back tempo of the song accompanied by the giant buildups certainly gives it an intriguing and fun sound.

3. “When We Were Young”
The second single of the album is yet another great song. The collaboration between Francis, Sultan & Ned Shepard, and The Chain Gang of 1974, is set with the typical progressive house tempo of 128 beats per minute. The spectacular vocals, and upbeat sound make this another great addition to the album.

4. “Set Me Free”
Debuted at last year’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida, this collaboration between Francis and the child protégé of the electronic dance music world, Martin Garrix, is a masterpiece. The buildup to the drop sounds like one of Garrix’s typical songs, but the drop sounds like Dillon Francis’ signature style of moombahton, which is a hybrid of reggae-ton and house music.

5. “Drunk All the Time”
The upbeat collaboration between Francis and Simon Lord is a happy love song that is yet another great addition to this spectacular album. It’s nowhere near the greatest song on the album, but it isn’t bad in any regard. The happy vocals are backed by a great instrumental track ,creating a beautiful song.

6. “Love in the Middle of a Firefight”
My second favorite song on the album is made with the perfect recipe for musical success. An amazing background track produced by Dillon Francis, accompanied by phenonmenal vocals by Panic! at the Disco lead vocalist Brendon Urie. The track is definitely worth multiple listens.

7. “Not Butter”
Definitely the most unique track on the album, “Not Butter” certainly showcases Francis’ versatility and creativity as a producer. By somehow transforming the classic “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter” commercials into a dance song, Francis has certainly proven to us that yet again, almost anything can become music.

8. “We Are Impossible”
It seems like the eighties sound is making a bit of a comeback, and this particular track by Francis and The Presets, is another great example of it. Not the most fast paced song, but still enjoyable nonetheless. It seems like its specific placement on the album serves as a return from the silliness that is “Not Butter”.

9. “We Make It Bounce”
Another monster collaboration on this album is the track “We Make It Bounce” produced by Francis, Major Lazer, and Stylo G. Major Lazer is the music project of Wes Pentz (better known as Diplo) and Dave Taylor (better known as Switch). The implementation of reggae elements into this track, provides the signature Major Lazer sound, and Dillon Francis certainly complements that, as well as the great vocals by Stylo G. Overall, this fourth single from the album, is pretty awesome.

10. “What’s That Spell?”
“What’s That Spell?” wins the award for being my favorite track on the album by far. The collaboration between Francis and one of my favorite producers, TJ Rozdilsky, better known by his stage name TJR. TJR was first made famous by his work with rapper Pitbull on the song “Don’t Stop the Party”. TJR’s funky house style compliments the sound of Dillon Francis perfectly, and “What’s That Spell?” is an absolute masterpiece.

11. “Hurricane”
All great things must come to an end, and this little collaboration between Francis and vocalist Lily Elise, is the ultimate ending to an amazing album. The beautiful vocals compliment the happy sound of Francis’ background track, and provide a wonderful end to the album. “Hurricane” is the perfect song to conclude with.