The Simpsons: ‘Simpsorama’ Review

By Eli Ralston

This fall season we have seen not one, but two different The Simpsons crossover episodes. “Simpsorama” is the second episode featuring our favorite yellow family meeting up with the characters of the other Matt Groening-created show, Futurama, which recently aired its final episode. For fans of the recently departed series, “Simpsorama” is a highly anticipated episode because it is the first time we see the Planet Express crew return to the small screen. The crossover begins in present day Springfield where Bart Simpson’s class is putting items into a time capsule that will be opened 1,000 years in the future. Later that night in the Simpsons home, Futurama’s Bender fall from the sky and comes into the house. The reason for Bender’s presence is slowly revealed as we learn that there is a crisis in the future that would be solved by killing Homer.

     Since this episode was only a half hour long, unlike the hour-long Family Guy/Simpsons crossover, it does not take long to get into the actual crossover content, which is a big plus. However, a half-hour episode is also a negative as the plot is rushed and doesn’t feel fleshed out, especially toward the end. Even with entertaining jokes all throughout the main plot, the episode was pretty dull and left me wanting more. There was not enough Futurama  humor and the central conflict being pretty underwhelming. It’s a shame because Futurama is known to have some pretty epic and enthralling story lines.
     The relationship between Homer and Bender was the highlight of the episode. They had a better chemistry than Peter and Homer in the Family Guy crossover. The other character relationships had potential, but weren’t fully established, with many characters only having one exchange the entire episode.

The Simpsons are sucked into the world of Futurama, albeit way too late in the episode to be interesting. Some of the other Futurama cast get almost no screen time and only a few lines of dialogue. The Futurama aspect of the show felt short and didn’t take full potential of the material. The episode could have benefited from using an hour run time.

All in all “Simpsorama” is a crossover that delivers on almost all of its promises for an entertaining crossover story. Although the run time was too short and the spectacular Futurama material wasn’t utilized to its full potential, this crossover is well worth the watch for fans of either The Simpsons or Futurama.