Joseph Simmons, Rev. Run, Interview

By Aidan Hall

Few are the chances where you can meet such talented people as Rev.Run. God of rap and man of God, Rev. Run is a presence in and of himself. I feel honored to have simply been in his presence because his words carry a weight. I was told two hours ahead of time that I’d be interviewing one of the most important men in the music industry. If it weren’t for the quick thinking of my fellow Reel Deal-sians, this would have been a nightmare. Thanks to Julia Ricci’s quick thinking and relevant questions, Eli Ralston’s leadership, Wendy Faunce’s filming skills, and Nicole Koehn’s calm demeanor that kept everyone level, this was an amazing feat.

When first you meet Rev. Run, he takes you back. He doesn’t have the standard air of a rapper; he’s been there and done that. He’s lived the fast life and now he’s enjoying it. He gave us the privilege of his time as he went through answering each of our questions in detail. He is a man of power, of talent, and of faith. I’m a better man for meeting him.

You can check out the entire Reel Deal interview with Rev. Run below.