‘Bee and PuppyCat’: An Adorable Legend Begins

By Daley Wilhelm

Having a hard time deciding whether you’re a cat person or a dog person? Find a happy middle ground with Bee and PuppyCat, the adorable, incredibly original creation of Natasha Allegri, creator of the fan-favorite Adventure Time characters Fiona and Cake. Bee and PuppyCat is a web series produced by Cartoon Hangover and thus far has captured the attention of millions with a single episode. It follows the adventures of a jobless twenty-something, Bee, and her new companion PuppyCat, a cat or a dog that appears to her mysteriously one day and may be the answer to her unemployment, in the form of intergalactic temp work and magical girl-esque transformations, which apparently pay well.

    Bee and PuppyCat is primed to officially premiere this Thursday, November 6 with the first of nine episodes in the works that were funded by the most successful animation Kickstarter ever, earning more than $800,000 toward creating the old-school, hand-drawn animation and sticking to the sassy, uncensored version Allegri originally intended.

Bee is a character that needs to be uncensored because of her hilarious lines that both speak to our awkward internal monologues and the things that we wish we could say with confidence. Don’t let this statement make you think that she gives inspirational speeches, as her lines are mostly revolving around food and appropriate responses (mainly screaming) to dramatic and unexplained appearances of envelopes out of thin air. PuppyCat (the cause of such magical appearances) is actually the mysterious, almost stoic character of the show, despite his unspeakably cute physicality. Adding to an already mystic, floaty score, PuppyCat is voiced by a the Vocaloid program Oliver, which is basically a nonsense, little boy voice with a computerized tone.

Not only is the storyline (which can be further explored in the comic series written and illustrated by Natasha Allegri and Garrett Jackson) refreshingly original, but the pastel-soaked animation is also worlds apart from any contemporary cartoon. This has caught the attention of a huge audience that is already creating Bee and PuppyCat costumes, merchandise, and fan art.

So if you ever enjoyed magical girl-themed anime, sparkle effects, fighting monsters, quirky humor, and memorable characters, I would suggest that you tune in on Thursday on Cartoon Hangover’s YouTube channel. Cartoon Hangover will also be hosting a 24-hour live stream countdown to the premiere in which there will be a giveaway every two hours with the cast and crew of Bee and PuppyCat. Until then, you can enjoy the charming characters on the Facebook messenger app stickers.