Taylor Swift Giveth and Taketh Away

By Tyler Clark
     In 2014, where streaming is more popular than digital downloads and physical album sales, it’s almost dangerous to remove your entire catalogue off of Spotify. Yet, Taylor Swift did just that on Monday. After Spotify was displeased with Taylor for not making her fifth studio album, 1989, available for streaming the same day it was release, her entire catalogue was removed without warning. The only song that remains on Spotify is “Safe & Sound,” the collaboration she did with The Civil Wars for the first Hunger Games soundtrack.
     While it makes sense for Taylor and her team to not want to release 1989 for streaming just yet, it seems a little odd for her to remove her entire catalogue, considering her music was on 19 million playlists. Industry insiders suggest it’s because her label, Big Machine Records, is looking to sell. Though it should be noted that other artists from the label still have their catalogues intact.

Taylor Swift may have taken away her music from Spotify, but she gave her fans some big news on Monday. The 1989 World Tour was announced and the tour sees her touring North America and Europe, with Australia dates to be announced at a later time. No dates for ticket sales have been  announced yet, though Taylor Swift hinted at fans signing up for the mailing list for exclusive details.

Taylor will be stopping in Indianapolis, IN on September 16, 2015. For more tour dates, head over to http://taylorswift.com/events