Movie to TV Adaptations in the Works

By Caleb Boyer

Recently Hollywood has announced a multitude of shows in development, a large number in which are based off films. That’s right, the small screen is looking toward the big screen for new show ideas, setting a renewed trend in Hollywood. From the recent explosion of comic book and novel adaptations, it studios are expanding content and brands that have already made them money.

     The concept of adapting films into television shows has been done throughout the years with shows such as Friday Night Lights, M*A*S*H, and Parenthood. With the recent success of Fargo on FX, it is not a surprise that studios and networks are searching for other inspirations. Many of the 27-some-odd shows announced so far follow this pattern.

The big question is how the writers will create these shows. Will they make a mini-series, an anthology series, a prequel or sequel to the film, or go in a different direction? It will be interesting to see how these shows are adapted and most importantly which ones will make it.

The most recent movie announced to be getting a TV adaptation is American Gigolo. This announcement comes from Paramount and producer Jerry Bruckheimer who will be teaming up to adapted the Richard Gere crime movie.

Below is the list of shows in development at this moment (networks included where available). This list is ever changing and more shows are likely to be announced, so be on the look out.

Shows In Development

Bachelor Party

Big (FOX)

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Devil’s Advocate (NBC)



The Illusionist (CW)

In Good Company (CBS)

In the Heat of the Night

Marley & Me

Minority Report

Mother-In-Law (CBS)

The Mortal Instruments

Phantom of the Opera (ABC)

Problem Child (NBC)

Real Genius (NBC)

Rush Hour (CBS)

School of Rock (Nickelodeon)

Scream (MTV)

Shooter (TNT)

Shutter Island (HBO)

The Truman Show

Uncle Buck (ABC)


Westworld (HBO)

The first movie to TV adaption to premiere will be 12 Monkeys on SyFy. The series is 13 episodes and will premiere January 16th at 9/8c.

Which shows are you excited about or which movie would you like to see adapted into a television show? Tell us your thoughts and start the conversation by commenting below.