‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ Review

By Vivien Pong

Inside Llewyn Davis tells the story of a cranky and cynical folk musician, Llewyn Davis, (played by Oscar Isaac) struggling to make his way in the world. The movie quickly turns into Davis’ journey to find his friend’s cat. His life and career are leading nowhere and he is broke and homeless. Llewyn lives on friends’ couches, specifically the Gorfeins’, an older and more refined couple. When leaving their house, their cat escapes and the door locks behind it. Thus starts Davis’ journey to return the cat to the Gorfeins. Along the way, he continues to focus on his career and picks up a few gigs to make money and a name for himself.

Filmed against a bleak backdrop of a New York winter in the 1960s, the entire film feels quite dreary. The movie has no clear storyline, adding to this dreary and subtle uncertainty. The music in the film makes up for some of this lost clarity. With T-Bone Burnett as producer, Inside Llewyn Davis’s soundtrack showcases the voice and talents of Oscar Isaac as well as his costars Carey Mulligan and Justin Timberlake. Almost every song in the film was performed and recorded live, as was only appropriate. Inside Llewyn Davis was a fascinating look inside a very specific time period.