‘We Are The Giant’ Review

By Kit Caldwell

We Are The Giant directed by Greg Barker, is an emotional documentary that details personal first hand accounts in the Arab Spring revolution.
Before watching this documentary I had no idea what the Arab Spring was nor did I realize the amount of ruthless and injustice killing taking place by this government overseas. And yet our government remains allies with these brutal forces even though we are aware of this corruption.
I had so many emotions while watching this documentary, I am thankful to live in America but it was gut wrenching to find out the violence and pure disregard for the essence of human life occurring in places such as, Libya, Syria and Bahrain.

     I believe by playing on the viewer’s emotions, the director was able to fully get his message accross in an effective manner. Something needs to be done to help these victims.  For some of us, it is hard to understand the struggles faced in this documentary because we are not ruled by a dictatorship, but We are the Giant allows individuals to relate easily because of the wide variety of subjects used in the film.

The director did a wonderful job paralleling past revolutions to the Arab Spring. This was done by using images and quotes throughout the film. The footage used was, at certain points, difficult to watch and the torture discussed in the documentary was equally as difficult to hear. I would not bring a child younger than thirteen to see this documentary. They most likely would not appreciate it and some images could be too strong.
After the viewing We Are The Giant, I had many questions concerning the fate of certain individuals in the documentary. I was also curious to know the time period between when filming began to when it stopped so I could have a better understanding of the current status of the individual’s feature in this documentary.

I would highly recommend We Are The Giant, even though it left me feeling as if I could do nothing to help and felt guilty for my fortune. Those emotions were nothing compared to the inspiration I felt from the courage and sacrifice of these amazing individuals.

Verdict: Incredible, Even though it left me feeling as if I could do nothing to help and guilty for my fortune, those emotions were nothing compared to the inspiration I felt from the courage and sacrifice of these amazing individuals.
Positives: The use of images and quotes to parallel past revolutions, the live footage.
Negatives: Not enough background on the government or the Arab Spring.