‘Siddharth’ Review

By Isaac Whatley

The Heartland Film Festival is, without a doubt, an incredibly special experience for anyone who calls the Midwest home. It is a platform for big stories to return to small towns. Keeping with Heartland’s mission to inspire filmmakers and audiences, festival award-winner Siddharth did just that. Siddharth tells the story of a persistent father, Mehendra, who gives his everything as he searches for his son, Siddharth, who is presumed to have been abducted. Starting in New Delhi and spreading all throughout the countryside, the passion and dedication to finding his son is clearly shown throughout this journey. After borrowing money, traveling for long hours, and working more jobs, Mehendra comes to the conclusion that caring for his family is everything.

     This film is inspiring, and gives viewers an inside look into the struggles and toils of living off the New Delhi streets. The film brings a sense of realism into the theater, as the movie was based on a true story. The film’s director, Richie Mehta, apparently met a man on the streets who had been searching for his son for over a year, according to a discussion following the screening. This personal account that Mehta had is what gives the film meaning, in my opinion. When a real story is involved, a film goes so much deeper and beyond a made-up one, which Siddharth was able to do.

The production quality for the film is excellent, similar in style to most blockbusters. This high production value gives viewers an even more engaging experience. It is my belief that a fantastic story can hold its own regardless of quality, but when it is teamed with excellent cinematography, high resolution camera-work, and an entire crew of professionals, the story is truly brought to life in a beautiful way. The production aspect of this film definitely did the story justice. The music for this film, done by Andrew Lockington, is another great asset to the movie that makes the story a work of cinematic art.

     Siddharth is an emotionally powerful film that does a superb job of connecting with the audience, and bringing a uniquely beautiful story to life. There are points in the film where you caught on the edge of your seat, and others where you are kept wondering out of the intensity of the movie. Throughout the film’s ninety-six minute run time, I found myself constantly entertained and engaged. Through high production value and great story, it is no surprise that this film won the esteemed $45,000 first prize for Best Narrative Feature at the Heartland Film Festival.

Verdict: Incredible, If you want to experience a beautiful story told on a beautiful platform, I would highly recommend Siddharth.
Positives: Engages the audience, excellent cinematography.
Negatives: None.