‘All-Stars’ Review

By Isaac Whatley

     In the world of little league sports, it’s not uncommon to find inexperienced players, determined coaches, and parents that are more passionate than the athletes. InAll Starswe find all of these things and more as the film tells the story of new ten-and-under softball league and the comical adventures that come along with it.
     The films opens with a scripted interview, revealing that All Stars is a “mockumentary” styled movie. Throughout the film, the audience sees interviews from several different characters, which really brings out each of their dynamic and hilarious personalities. Among these characters is protagonist Lance Grayden, played by the film’s Director and Writer Lance Kinsey, who is tasked with bringing a group of differently-skilled girls together to learn the values of teamwork by coaching their softball team, the “Harry Ketchup Bottles.” After watching several eccentric parents who each have their own opinions on how to coach, we find that this is not an easy task. After all of the comical conflicts, the film reminds us that it is not all about winning, but about valuing each other’s abilities.

The film brings forth some good laughs, and is particularly funny due to its satire on how little leagues across the country seem to often be. Apart from the comedy, this film brings the positive and encouraging message that trying your hardest is what true success is. While this film could easily have been family-friendly, there are a few minor things that stop it from being so. For example, there are several mild sexual jokes, and the use of the “F” word at the end. Setting these instances aside, however, the film can be enjoyed by both the young and old.

In a Q&A following the film, Director Lance Kinsey explained that this film was written based tightly on events and stories that actually occurred in his life when he used to coach softball years ago. He went on to say that several of the specific characters and scenes came straight out of his own past. As the script was based on real events, the film has a lot of areas that many audience members can relate with.

All in all, I would consider this film a fun one. It has areas that both adults and teens can appreciate, along with a story that is meaningful, yet comical. If you have played softball, or have been involved as a parent with little league sports, I think you would find this film especially entertaining.

See the full Q&A following the screening right here.

Verdict: Good, If you’re in the mood for a comical tale that pokes fun at how a lot of people actually act, this is one for you.
Positives: The film is funny, the film has a realistic feeling.
Negatives: Some unnecessary swear words were used.