‘The Referee’ Review

By Nicole Koehn

The Referee
directed by Paolo Zucca (Italy, Argentina), follows the multiple plot lines of a professional soccer referee, a blind trainer, an underdog team, and family feud. The film is completely black and white which aids in the somewhat confusing transitions, as the black and white makes it hard to distinguish the change in locations.
     Also the multiple subplots could have either been done further in depth or just simply taken one of the lesser ones out, since overall it added to the confusion of what is currently happening in the story and wanting to have more information about each subplot. Something that is rather enjoyable about the film is the comedic aspect with touches of dramatic elements, it brought a refreshing twist to the film.

The score also helps to allow the audience to easily detect when a shift from comedic to dramatic occurs, or vice versa. The comedy and score are essential to each other in this film as they both enhance the other. The dialogue was in Italian with English subtitles, however it was fairly easy to follow. Originally The Referee was intended to be a short film and was changed into a feature length, in a shorter length the film could have been easier to follow and really reached its full potential.

Verdict: Good, An Interesting dramatic comedy.
Positives: Amazing score, good comedic moments.
Negatives: Confusing transitions, multiple subplots.