Overview: Heartland Film Festival

By Desiree Williams

Heartland Film is a nonprofit organization that supports purposeful, influential filmmaking. To demonstrate this support, Heartland Film produces many programs throughout the year that exhibit films not only to entertain, but to impact audience’s thoughts and actions. One such program, The Heartland Film Festival, takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana, each October. First held in 1992 as a small project to acknowledge great films, this festival has grown to be an event that features more than 130 films.

     Spanning 10 days, the festival is packed full of screenings, premieres, and parties. Each year, over 100 visiting directors attend and often times actors will make a surprise appearance as well. Additionally, the Heartland Film Festival is recognized as a qualifying event for the Academy Awards in the Short Film category. The festival winner of the Best Narrative Short Film will be considered in the Short Film category at the Academy Awards. This festival is unique not only because of the previously mentioned aspects, but also due to its purpose. Heartland Film aims to encourage new filmmakers to try new things, offers screening opportunities for new directors, and gives certain films the attention they deserve. Heartland films are not produced solely for entertainment. The films mean something, educate, and inspire others. Directors hope the audience will leave their films with new thoughts and perspectives, providing viewers with an unforgettable experience.

This year, the festival will take place October 16th through the 25th.  Head to Indianapolis and enjoy!