Weezer’s ‘Everything Will Be Alright In the End’ Album Review

Ever since the release of Blue Album and Pinkerton, Weezer has been battling with critics with their music. Blue Album and especially Pinkerton were both very invested albums for Rivers Cuomo. Singing about love in their geeky demeanor was a great way to open up to fans with Blue Album before getting more emotional with Pinkerton, an album about breakups, lost love, and distant relationships.
     Critical acclaim for both albums launched Weezer right to the top and, according to critics, they have not met their standards since. While Green Album was still a success, many fans found it to be a sell out. The same consensus was met with MaladroitMake Believe launched them back into the spotlight with “Beverly Hills” being released for radio and TV airing. The closest album that Weezer fans and critics have seen compared to Pinkerton and Blue Album have been their past few albums, specifically Hurley andRed Album.
     So, what is the fate of Everything Will Be Alright In the End? Rivers Cuomo is sick of the critics wanting another Pinkerton to be released, but uses this album to emulate Pinkerton. Weezer tries to give them something similar with their newer style, but unfortunately comes up short. I’m a huge Weezer fan, so it kills me to say that the`album doesn’t have that emotion and energy that Cuomo promises.

The second track, “Back In the Shack,” is easily one of the best songs on the album. It’s what Rivers and critics want: a newer version of an old song done in a classic Weezer fashion. It reminds me most of “In The Garage” from the Blue Album. The catchy rock riff and emotional lyrics inspire people to sing along. It even includes references to rocking out like it’s 1994 when Blue Album. If there is a song that lashes back at the critics berating for another Pinkerton, this is the one.

Some songs have that same beat and hook to them that will bring you right in (“I’ve Had It Up To Here,” “Da Vinci,” “Cleopatra”) and have that true Weezer quality. These songs, along with “Back In The Shack,” seem to be the better songs on the album. Even while they have the sound of the band, the energy and feel don’t seem to rise to the surface.

“Go Away” is the actual (and failed) attempt at recreating something from Weezer’s dropped project (that some parts later becamePinkertonSongs From The Black Hole. The female accompanist doesn’t add anything special to the song. Rivers Cuomo finally seems to give in to what the fans want which is the old Pinkerton sound but as heard in “Go Away,” that may not be the best of ideas.

The final three songs are a small trilogy that isn’t something I predicted from Weezer. It shows that they can still play their instruments well, instead of chords and the same rock beat over every song. One of the best parts of the album is this trilogy. While short, it’s still very good.

Everything Will Be Alright In the End doesn’t have the energy on it or the emotion that is promised. It is a very underwhelming album compared to Hurley. It sounds much like their earlier albums that were first panned by critics and fans. I think after the success of Red Album and Hurley, we’re hitting another slump in Weezer’s music. There isn’t much to look forward to with these songs onEverything Will Be Alright In the End and that breaks my heart. A few listens to the popular tracks that get a radio release will probably be it.

Will I still buy it? Absolutely. I love Weezer to death and will still buy their albums. This one just won’t be played as much in my car.

Everything Will Be Alright In the End is an okay album, but most likely won’t win critics over.
Positives : “Back In The Shack”, “The Futurescope Trilogy”
Negatives : Emotionless, does not live up to the hype