Actor Spotlight: Connie Britton

By: Desiree Williams

Constance Elaine Womack, now known as Connie Britton, was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on March 6th, 1967.  While her parents worked in the sciences, Britton found her interest in the arts and after graduating from Dartmouth College. She soon moved to New York to pursue a career in theater.

     Britton studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse, an acting school in New York City, for two years. After she completed her studies, she worked on off-Broadway productions until 1995 when she had her first true debut in a film called The Brothers McMullen. In this film, Britton portrayed Molly McMullen, the wife of Jack McMullen, whose struggling marriage quickly deteriorated when Molly found evidence of her husband’s affair. The film was full of tough decisions as Molly and Jack decided if their love was important and strong enough to fight the obstacles.

After the success of The Brothers McMullen, Britton moved to Los Angeles and explored her acting career. She appeared in several television shows, feature films, and independent films from 1996 to 2006, one of which was Friday Night Lights, the film version, in 2004. Following this, Britton starred as Tami Taylor, wife of the high school football coach in Friday Night Lights, the television series, from 2006 to 2011.

     Her portrayal of Tami set her on the road to fame, as she was viewed as a wonderful and beautiful role model for younger women. The show ran for 5 seasons, allowing Britton to gather a supportive, dedicated fan base that followed her throughout her future endeavors. Her fans’ support continued on to her next project of 2011: American Horror Story. In this series’ first season, Britton played Vivien Harmon, a woman who moved to California with her family after marital and family discord. The Harmon family hoped the new scenery would lend to a fresh start for the family, yet they realized they were incredibly mistaken after discovering that their new house was haunted. After wrapping this series, Britton relaxed for a few months with her adopted son and in 2012, she signed the contract for her most recent series, Nashville.

Nashville premiered on October 10th, 2012, and it is now airing the third season which premiered on September 24th, 2014, on ABC. The show follows Rayna James, played by Britton, through the ups and downs of her singing career and family life in Nashville, Tennessee. Britton also starred in a film entitled This Is Where I Leave You, released on September 19th, 2014. The film focused on the Altman family and the week long reunion at home after their father passed away. Britton portrayed Tracy, a therapist and one of the Altman brothers’ girlfriends. Britton will also appear in another 2014 film, Me & Earl & the Dying Girl, along with American Ultra in 2015. Although Connie Britton was not raised in a theatrical family, she followed her heart and uncovered an amazing acting talent that led to a flourishing career.