Maze Runner Review

By: Desiree Williams

The Maze Runner is one of the best movies I have seen in a while. The audience sat on the edge of their seats throughout the entire movie. The suspense and the action draws viewers into the world of The Maze Runner from the opening scene to the finale.

     The movie opens with a boy, Thomas, waking up in a moving cage. Thomas, played by Dylan O’Brien, seems confused and scared right off the bat, leading the audience to feel the same way. When the cage stops its ascent, a group of boys in a large field, called the Glade, opens the cage and envelops him. Thomas does not remember his name or any of his past and introduced to this entirely new place surrounded by strangers with no idea of how he ended up there. Because the audience feels similar to Thomas, it allows the audience to project themselves onto his character and live the movie through his perspective. He is a fantastic protagonist who provides the viewers with first-hand experience of the Glade, and later, the maze. After Thomas emerges from the cage, Alby, the leader of the Glade who is played by Aml Ameen, gives him the grand tour of the land. Only after this tour does Thomas, and subsequently the audience, fully realize his predicament; he is in a large field fenced in by an immense maze. Thomas, and the other boys, are trapped.
     Intense action and suspense commences. Thomas, the most curious boy of them all, wants to learn about the runners, boys who runs the maze each day in order to map out the maze and find a way out. This is extremely dangerous because the maze closes every night, so if the runners do not make it back in time, they spend a night in the maze. No one has ever returned from such a night due to the Grievers. Grievers are robot-spiders who live in the maze and come out each night to chase after people left there. If a boy is stung by a Griever, they fall ill rapidly and often become violent. On one occasion, the other boys are forced to rid the Glade of the ill by pushing them into the maze. This was one of the more graphic scenes that pulled at the audience’s emotions. Watching the boys push a previous friend to his death is incredibly depressing and the acting during this scene was superb. It seems intensely real and showcases the dreary reality of the boys’ lives. After this, Thomas knows he has no choice but to find a way to save these boys and discover why they are trapped. Thus, Thomas, and the few boys he convinces to follow him, embark on their journey through the maze to find freedom.

The Maze Runner is full of suspense, action, intense moments, and amazing special effects. Everything appeared realistic, from the complex maze to the Grievers, which is something that can make or break movies like this. The audience feels connected to the movie, rather than feeling aloof due to poor special effects. The music also added another dimension to the movie by heightening the audience’s emotions. Completely instrumental, the music allowed viewers to solely feel instead of listening and understanding specific lyrics. I did not expect an action movie to be quite so emotional, but this particular movie surpassed my expectations. With an unexpected ending, constant action, and engaging characters, The Maze Runner captures not only the audience’s attention, but their hearts as well.

VERDICT : Incredible
The Maze Runner is an incredible, emotional movie that always keeps the audience guessing. You will leave the theater wanting more.
Positives : Realistic special effects, superb acting, surprising plot
Negatives : No romance, sad ending