Disney’s The Lion King to have a new TV spin-off series and movie

By Aly Bartholomew

Twenty years ago, audiences were captivated by The Lion King. Since 1994, the film has sparked two sequels- The Lion King 2 and The Lion King 1/2 a Broadway musical, and a short running television series – Timon and Pumba’s Wild Adventures.

    Disney Studios recently released another television series featuring both familiar and new Lion King characters. This TV movie and TV series is to be called The Lion Guard and will be aired on Disney Junior. The Lion Guard tells the story of Simba and Nala’s second born cub, Kion, as he and his friends protect the pridelands and teach audiences about wildlife conservation.

The movie and show will include appearances by our favorite characters like Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumbaa, and Kion’s older sister Kiara. Though no voices have yet been cast, audiences should expect to see The Lion Guard movie on Disney Junior in 2015 with the television series following the year after.