New Trailer for Gotham Released

By Aly Bartholomew

Superhero origin stories are always a favorite among fans. Many Batman fans, including myself, are looking forward to FOX’s new superhero crime drama Gotham, premiering this Fall. The show follows detective Jim Gordon (who will rise to be Commissioner Gordon) as he takes on the corrupt city of Gotham.

    Fans needn’t worry that the show will focus exclusively on Gordon. In the trailer, a young Bruce Wayne  copes with the recent loss of his parents. Perhaps he is thinking of becoming the city’s dark knight. The trailer also strongly hinted that the show will reveal the origins of favorite Batman villains such as the Riddler, the Penguin, Poison Ivy, and even Catwoman. Seeing Poison Ivy and the Riddler as teens or pre-teens is odd, but intriguing. Fans have high hopes for the large cast, which comes with the territory of a Batman series.

Gotham promises an excellent mix of crime drama and superhero thriller. More information should be released as it gets closer to the Fall television season.