Craig Ferguson is Leaving The Late Late Show

 By Aly Bartholomew
After coming to terms with Dave Letterman leaving CBS’s The Late Show, audiences learned of another late night shocker. Craig Ferguson, host of The Late Late Show, which airs after Letterman, has announced that he is leaving the program. According to Nina Tassler of CBS, it was entirely Ferguson’s decision. There is no word yet on who may replace Ferguson’s replacement.
    Craig Ferguson has been the host of The Late Late Show since 2004. For ten years, Ferguson has entertained audiences with his unconventional style. He set himself apart from other late night talk shows with his banter with robot sidekick Geoff, planned awkward silences with the celebrity guests, and hilarious tweets and other social media comments from fans.

It has not been announced when his last episode will be aired. Fans of the Scottish comedian are sad to see him go.