Super Bowl Ads: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

By Kayli Russell

The Good: 
Audi’s “Doberhauhau”

    There are many car commercials featured during the Super Bowl and sometimes they all tend to blend together. However, Audi’s commercial stood out among the rest. When a couple can’t decide to get a Doberman or a Chihuahua, they decide to compromise and breed the two dogs. What results is an ugly mash-up breed that terrorizes the world. Even Sarah McLachlan, ASPCA spokeswoman, doesn’t like the Doberhuahua. This commercial was hilarious; I loved every second of it! Moral of the story: Audi doesn’t compromise – and Doberhuahuas should never be a real thing.

Doritos’ “Time Machine”

    I’ve always loved the creativity of Doritos commercials and this one did not disappoint! The advertisement features a man using a Doritos-powered time machine to go into the future, or so he thinks. The child who created the time machine uses it as a decoy to get the man’s Doritos. When the main character exits, an old man is standing in the child’s spot and he instantly believes that he is in the future. This commercial was simple and cute. The best part is that Doritos had fans create their own commercials and enter it not only to have the ad play during the Super Bowl but to win $1 million for the best submission.

Budweiser’s “A Hero’s Welcome”

    Budweiser really knows how to tug at the heartstrings. Regardless if you know someone in the military or not, this commercial is sure to resonate with everyone. I got chills the first time I watched it. The ad is about Budweiser throwing a soldier a welcome home party to Skylar Grey’s “Coming Home” song. It also features Clydesdale horses which have been in Budweiser’s commercials before, promoting a sense of continuity that is consistent with the brand. It’s great that the most memorable beer commercials don’t have to deal with sexed-up women and slapstick humor.

Coca Cola’s “America is Beautiful”

    This commercial has received a lot of outrage which is ridiculous, in my opinion. The advertisement features beautiful landscapes and Americans from all walks of life doing everyday things. In the background, the song, “America the Beautiful” is sung in many different languages. This commercial portrays the beauty of our country – we are a nation of immigrants and we should celebrate our diversity. Unfortunately, not everyone was pleased with this commercial and it was the most controversial one of the Super Bowl. Honestly, if you don’t understand the message then shame on you.

Budweiser’s “Puppy Love”

    Budweiser really knows how to make memorable, outstanding commercials! Perhaps they are trying to target more women to drink their beer, which would explain the reason behind the absolute adorableness of this commercial. The ad is about the friendship between a puppy and a Clydesdale. A Labrador retriever keeps escaping to the ranch to see his “best bud.” The two buddies prove to be inseparable against all odds. Anyone who dislikes this commercial doesn’t have a heart, simply put. It made me go, “Awww” and nearly cry happy tears. Seriously, Budweiser wins this Super Bowl, hands down!

The Bad:
Chevy’s “Romance”

    This commercial was just…weird. The whole time, I thought the man was taking his eligible bachelor, a bull, to the slaughterhouse. I kept thinking, what a horrible idea for a commercial! It didn’t exactly end that harshly, however. Instead, the man took his bull to get laid. This was a car commercial?! Maybe I’m not “man enough” but I didn’t get it.

Maserati’s “Strike”

When I first saw this commercial, I got extremely excited that this was a trailer for a Beasts of the Southern Wild sequel. Quvenzhane Wallis narrated the ad, talking about giants and coming out of the shadows. Nope! It’s just another car commercial! I was so disappointed that I didn’t even catch the name of the car company. Bad marketing, Maserati company!

Greek Yogurts “The Spill”

Now, I love Full House as much as the next person and John Stamos still manages to look sexy with age. However, I did not care much for this commercial. It was all kinds of awkward from beginning to end. Personally, if I’m being honest, Full House should just stay in the past. It’s not making a comeback so why tease us with an awkward reunion?

T-Mobile’s “We Killed the Long Term Contract”

  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Robin Hood music in the background and the simplicity was kind of cute. But this is a Super Bowl ad! You’ve already paid for the expensive time slot so why not be over-the-top and go for it? This commercial wasn’t memorable to me. However, I’m sure there were many people who may switch over to T-Mobile’s “no long-term contract” plan from this message. So, if it gets the job done then way to go, T-Mobile! I just love a little pizazz…and adorable animals.

Soda Stream’s “Sorry Coke and Pepsi”

    Plop Scarlett Johansson in a commercial, have her seductively suck on a straw and expect the commercial to be a viral hit. SodaStream had a good starting idea, but the ad fell a little flat. Johansson’s looks can only do so much in a commercial that isn’t, well, doing a lot. Pull at the heartstrings, make people laugh, do something! SodaStream has a ways to go before it can hang with the big leagues.