David Letterman Announces His Retirement

By Nicole Koehn
    On Thursday, April 3, David Letterman announced on “The Late Show” that he will retire in 2015. Letterman’s consistent on-the-air presence for more than 30 years makes him the longest-serving late night host. He started his long career at NBC’s “Late Night,” where he remained for 11 years before moving on to CBS to host “The Late Show” for 22 years.
  Letterman’s retirement did not come as a shock to his associates who said the host had been planning to move on for quite some time. We will not have to worry about missing him too soon, however, as there is still another year before Letterman will no longer grace our television screens. Still, the question on everyone’s minds is, “What will David Letterman do now?”
There are some speculations on his next move, and since Letterman is a Ball State alumnus, many students hope he’ll become a visiting professor at the university. I mean, we can dream, can’t we?