Album Preview: The Black Keys

By Vivien Pong

American rock duo The Black Keys announced that their new album, Turn Blue, is set to release on May 13, 2014. The Black Keys, consisting of Dan Auerbach on guitar and vocals and Patrick Carney on drums, have released several commercially successful and critically acclaimed albums in past years. Two of their early albums, Rubber Factory and Attack & Release, were well received by critics, but it was not until their 2010 album Brothers that The Black Keys became commercially successful.

The album’s most popular track, “Tighten Up,” received a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Song, and won Best Rock Performance. Their next album, El Camino, peaked at number two on the Billboard 200 chart, launched the band’s first arena concert tour, and won two Grammy Awards.

In addition to announcing the release date for Turn Blue, The Black Keys have also released the first single, “Fever,” March 24. “Fever” has a cleaner sound and incorporates more synthesizer. Compared to the grittier, heavier sound of previous tracks, “Fever” seems somewhat lighter. However this does not detract from the track, which is slow building with a solid beat. The changing sound does warn The Black Keys fans that this upcoming album may be a departure from their original sound.