Top 5 Shows that were cancelled too early

By Louie Wieseman

5. Invader Zim (Nickelodeon) – Canceled After 2 Seasons

    The overall premise of Invader Zim was something different than anything on Nick. The weirdness drew in many cult fans to the show. But despite its oddness, Invader Zim was a hit. It did, like a lot of cartoons, suffer rating falls after the first two season. It got the axe due to the tension between Nickelodeon and Jhonen Vasquez over the show’s design, storylines, and other reasons. The TV business is a mysterious one that few will ever understand.

4. Veronica Mars (CW) – Canceled After 3 Seasons

    While Veronica Mars had a decent run at 64 episodes, the show’s cancellation was all too soon. Directed and created by Rob Thomas of Dawson’s Creek and 90210 fame, Veronica Mars starred Kristen Bell as a high schooler/private investigator. While it’s different than “student is also this, how shocking!” mantra that other shows follow, Veronica Mars was well-written and had great reviews. The show was doomed when the show went on hiatus so the CW could air Pussycat Dolls Presents. After a successful kickstarter campaign, the cast assembled for a movie released in March of 2014.

3. Sports Night (ABC) – Canceled After 2 Seasons

    Similar to Just Shoot Me!, Sports Night followed a sports news team throughout their lives and in the studio. The show was axed after just two seasons. Despite good overall reviews, Aaron Sorkin, the creator of the show, was more focused on a different project. Once ratings dropped, the show was axed and Sorkin could focus on The West Wing.

2. Firefly (FOX) – Canceled After 1 Season

    Yes, of course Firefly is going to be on the list. The show was not only made by the widely popular writer, director, and producer Joss Whedon, but also received raving reviews. However, FOX aired the episodes out of order and moved the time slot. This caused Firefly to get the axe. It has since gathered a large cult following. Thankfully there was a film created in 2005 called Serenity following what happened after Firefly.

1. Freaks and Geeks (NBC) – Canceled After 1 Season

    Judd Apatow is a renowned comedic producer, writer, and director. His films Superbad, the Anchorman series, and Knocked Up are widely popular comedies. After work on The Ben Stiller Show and The Larry Sanders Show, Judd Apatow produced Freaks and Geeks, created by Paul Feig. With an all-star cast of James Franco, Jason Segal, Seth Rogan, Busy Philipps, and many others, how could it not be a hit? NBC aired the first twelve episodes and gave it the axe after one season. Despite a cult-following and raving reviews the axe left many viewers baffled.