Artist Spotlight: Lindsey Stirling

By Aly Bartholomew

Mixing music genres has recently led to interesting and cutting-edge sounds. Ten years ago, who would have ever thought that mixing classical violin and dubstep? Lindsey Stirling has been using her classical training in violin in the past couple of years to compose original violin-dubstep songs.

Stirling made her first big stage appearance on America’s Got Talent in 2010, where she made it to the quarter-finals before being voted off. Since then her music career has taken off. Her music videos on her YouTube channel, in which she plays the violin while dancing, has thousands of hits. It’s truly amazing to watch.

Her music is great and the videos are beautifully made to fit perfectly with her songs. She has done covers of songs from Phantom of the Opera, Game of Thrones, and the video game series Legend of Zelda.

   Her original song “Crystallize” currently has more than 80 million views. Stirling has released a self-titled album of original violin dubstep songs she composed herself. She is currently touring in the United States until mid-July and will embark on a European tour in October.

By combining two vastly different types of music, Lindsey Stirling has been able to make a singular name for herself in the music world. Be sure to check out her videos and watch her incredible performances at