The Walking Dead “A” Review

By Jordan Bennett Barnes

After 15 episodes, The Walking Dead fans have finally made it to the Season Four finale. Fans had been exploding with both anticipation and questions unanswered since the last episode: “Will the groups meet at the Terminus?”, “What is Terminus?”, and “Where in the world is Beth?”. This finale gave audiences 1½ out of 3 answers.

    The episode starts off with a flashback reminding us of the good times at the prison (when Hershel still had a head on his shoulders). Rick Grimes transforms into Farmer Rick as he tells Carl how to start a new life at the prison.

It flashes forward to a blood-soaked Rick sitting on the ground with a look of regret before the theme music. This season has been entirely touch-and-go, with the combination of heart-warming moments and character’s deaths. The amount of unnecessary character development made many fans angry.

Audiences could only take so much of two characters conversing good times in a season finale. However, the finale was not all bad. The intense exchange between the drifters that catch up to Rick, along with Michonne and Carl, was a great moment in the episode. Audiences were wondering about the identity and purpose of the drifters.

    The tension between the leader of the pack and Rick is thrilling and it pays off as Rick rips the leader’s neck with his teeth. Fans have never seen the main character be that brutal to an enemy, not even the Governor (main season 3 & 4 antagonist). Fans were grateful to see the old Rick back in action.

After Rick and his crew subdue the drifters, they come upon the so-called “sanctuary” called Terminus. Terminus is the train station at the end of the tracks that the other characters had been making their way to during the previous episode. Although audiences never saw what happened when they arrived, it is assumed that they were welcomed with open arms.

At the end of the finale, it is revealed what Terminus really is and what they do to their guests. On their arrival, Rick and his crew are forced into a container where they find the rest of the characters from the prison. The episode then ends with Rick warning the group that Terminus messed with the wrong people.

Thus comes the end to a roller-coaster season four, leaving audiences to question: “What is Terminus?”, “What do they do to their guests?”, and “Where in the world is Beth?” Audiences will have to find out in 198 days when season 5 premieres.

Verdict: Great

The Walking Dead season finale delivered on many promises and was a strong finish to the season.

Positives: Getting to see Hershel in the flashback scenes and the return of Rick Grimes as “The Survivor”

Negatives: Rick’s ending cliché line and the cliffhanger ending