List: Top 5 Hoodie Allen Songs

By Caroline Meister I know what you’re thinking: “Caroline, you don’t seem like the type person to listen to rap music.” And you would be right, but I like to break stereotypes. So with that said, below are my top five Hoodie Allen songs. 1.     “No Interruption” (Acoustic) This is my favorite Hoodie Allen song. There’s no argument. It was the first song I … Continue reading List: Top 5 Hoodie Allen Songs


Review: ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Soundtrack

By Madyson McGill This review contains everything from angst and desire to sex appeal. No, it is not about the Fifty Shades Darker movie. I’m going to stay away from that Twilight fan fiction turned successful movie franchise. However, while I will not in any way praise the movie, I will praise the soundtrack. Let’s be honest: the Fifty Shades soundtracks are the closest many people … Continue reading Review: ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Soundtrack


Review: The LEGO Batman Movie

By Andrew Haas Very few films have shocked the world with their quality like 2014’s The LEGO Movie did. Not only was it my favorite film of that year, but it’s also currently one of my favorite animated films of all time. What could’ve just been a ninety-minute toy commercial became one of the funniest and smartest family films of the past decade. When I heard the … Continue reading Review: The LEGO Batman Movie


Review: 2017 Grammys Performances

By Caroline Meister The 2017 Grammys were filled to the brim with performances, so many in fact that an in-depth review of all of them would fill five pages. Here is a brief summary of a select few of the sixteen-plus performances. Opening: Adele In the promos for the Grammys, there was mention that this would be the first time since 2012 that Adele would … Continue reading Review: 2017 Grammys Performances


Review: Walking Dead Midseason 7 Premiere

By Madyson McGill Warning! This review contains spoilers for the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead. Grab your favorite baseball bat and hold it dear because I’m about to take mine to the premiere. Don’t worry: it won’t end in as big of a mess as the season premiere. R.I.P Glenn and Abraham. You are still missed. So, the episode starts right where the mid-season … Continue reading Review: Walking Dead Midseason 7 Premiere